Short Run Stamping

Short Run Stamping Equipment and Capabilities:

  • 25 ton, 150 ton, and 250 ton presses with air feed capabilities
  • 75 ton screw press
  • Production runs from 250 parts to 250,000 parts
  • Complete inspection capabilities

Tryout/Debugging of New Tools

Dec Tool’s commitment to quality extends to complete tryout and debugging of every die that is manufactured prior to shipping to the customer. This includes run of first articles off each die, complete with inspection reports.

When possible, DEC Tool will run off a maximum of 100 parts continuously, as well as an adequate amount of parts for your PAP requirements (with your personnel in attendance if necessary). The fee for the run will be quoted, and must be approved prior to continuing forward.

In addition to tryout and debugging of every die we manufacture, Dec Tool will work with your personnel to debug dies not manufactured in-house as well. Presses are also used to perform short run stamping and to produce prototype samples as required.

Press Types

Cleveland 250 ton press

  • Bolster size 36” x 86”
  • Max shut height 17”-28”
  • With feeder and straightener max shut height 28”
  • Maximum width coil – 21”
  • Equipped with light curtains
  • Equipped with safety controls


  • 25 ton press
  • 150 ton Minster 40 x 60 bed (servo feed)