Stamping, CNC, Design & Build Tools, Dies, Jigs and Fixtures

Dec Tool Corporation, an ISO 9001 certified family owned company that specializes in metal stamping, die design, die building, fixture & jig building, short run stamping, CNC machining, wire EDM and jig grinding.

Since 1982 we have been known for tackling the complex projects, and pride ourselves on class “A” stamping dies with quality and on time delivery.


Design design DESIGN Die Building DIE BUILDING Die Building CNC Machining CNC MACHINING CNC Machining EDM EDM Jig Grinding JIG GRINDING Jig Grinding Guages GAUGES Guages Replacement Components REPLACEMENT
Replacement Components
Replacement Components 3-D PRINTING Replacement Components CMM Replacement Components DIE MAINTENANCE Replacement Components WATER JET CUTTING SERVICES


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